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  • Microsoft - Xbox 360 E 250GB Video Game Console

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    $ 331.49 $ 389.99

    Gone are the days when boundaries and limitations diminished your gaming experience. The ability to immerse yourself in other lands, different eras and alternate universes was just beyond your reach. Instead, we are ushering in an era in which those limits have been annihilated. Today, the gaming possibilities have expanded beyond your imagination. Today, the future has arrived — the Xbox 360 E Console has made its way to your living room, and your gaming universe has officially expanded. Join the future and adopt an all-new way of playing, thinking and connecting. With the innovative technology of today at your fingertips, the future is yours for the taking.

    Beyond the farthest stretches of your imagination lay the virtually endless gaming possibilities that come to you with the Xbox 360. A vast and varied library of games, including an array of blockbuster titles, such as the Halo and Forza Motorsport franchises and the legendary legacies of the Madden and FIFA series, are within your reach. Experience them all with brilliant, vibrant visuals, thanks to high-definition resolution, which brings high-definition movies, TV shows, live events, music and sports to your living room. You don't have to revel in the glory all alone — join your buddies and on-screen comrades for intense multiplayer action through Xbox LIVE. With a 4GB hard drive for your games and other media and a sleek, new design, this Xbox 360 E 4GB Console not only brings fathomless gaming possibilities to your home, but makes an amazing addition to your entertainment collection.

    Product Features

    250GB hard drive

    Offers ample space to store games, videos, photos, music and other content available from Xbox LIVE marketplace.

    Extensive library

    Get lost in alternate universes, explore different eras, fight for a cause, battle enemies and more with a vast library of compatible games, including a host of blockbuster titles.

    High-definition resolution

    Experience vibrant, stunning visuals and watch high-definition movies, TV shows, live events, music and sports.

    Built-in Wi-Fi

    Provides a fast connection to Xbox LIVE, so you can engage in multiplayer gameplay, stream live TV, high-definition movies and more.

    Xbox LIVE

    Join forces with your comrades, take on intimidating foes as a group and more by connecting with your buddies for intense multiplayer action on Xbox LIVE (subscription required).


    Sleek designComplement your living room décor with the addition of the Xbox 360's sleek new appearance.

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