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  • NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition Handheld With 20 Preloaded Games

    $ 299.99

    Play 20 preloaded NEOGEO AES games on the go with this Tommo NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition NG-001 handheld console that features a 4.3" LCD display for brilliant images. The internal stereo speakers deliver powerful audio to complement your gameplay


    • 4.3" LCD display
      Provides bright, detailed images.
    • Internal stereo speakers
      Deliver powerful audio to enhance your gaming experience. A 3.5mm headphone jack enables private gameplay.
    • 20 preloaded classic NEOGEO AES games
      Include 3 Count Bout, Alpha Mission II, Art of Fighting, Baseball Stars II, Cyber Lip, Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury Special and The King of Fighters '95.
    • Also includes King of the Monsters, Last Resort, League Bowling, Magician Lord, Metal Slug, Mutation Nation, Nam 1975, Puzzled, Real Bout and Super Sidekicks.
    • Also includes Samurai Showdown II and World Heroes Perfect, as well as an included NEOGEO X Ninja Master's game card. Expandable game card slot allows you to easily insert and play additional game cards (not included).
    • Arcade stick
      Offers an authentic feel and allows you to easily navigate through games. Two-player mode lets you play with a friend (2nd NEOGEO X arcade stick required, not included).
    • HDMI docking/charging station
      With USB ports lets you transfer gameplay to a compatible TV or monitor with an HDMI or A/V output (cable required, not included) and charges the handheld gaming console when docked.
    • Rechargeable battery
      Delivers up to 4 hours of continuous play time for extended use.

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