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  • NINTENDO 2DS Video Game Console With Mario Kart 7 - Electric Blue

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    $ 195.49 $ 229.99

    You're the kind of person who enjoys thrilling entertainment on the go — and the Nintendo 2DS system is for you. It provides the heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping, mind-bending action and adventure you want in a portable package that lets you take the excitement wherever you go. This mighty portal to the gaming universe features all the gaming power of the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL, just without the 3D picture, and with this one console, you have the ability to play every 3DS and DS game. This bundle gives you everything you need to embark on every new portable gaming quest. So whether you're ready to hunker down on the sofa for an epic journey into other worlds or killing time while you sit in the waiting room, you're well-equipped to immerse yourself in the adventure that awaits.

    Not only does this bundle feature the power of the 2DS gaming system, but it includes the thrilling, high-speed kart-racing fun of Mario Kart 7. Reach new heights as your kart soars over track shortcuts with a special wing and plunges into the sea with a propeller. Customize your vehicle with accessories to suit the track, whether it be big tires for off-road tracks or small tires for city courses. Race as one of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters, and take on exciting courses over a mountain road, through city streets, across a dusty desert, around new courses on Wuhu Island and more. The race is on.

    Product Features

    Enjoy all the features of a Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL without 3D viewing, including compatibility with 3DS and DS games

    Experience the thrills of this bundle that includes a Nintendo 2DS system, AC adapter and Mario Kart 7 download code

    Use wireless connectivity to connect with friends and other players via StreetPass and SpotPass to enable multiplayer and co-op gameplay fun

    Experience the fun of racing through Mushroom Kingdom with all-new possibilities with Mario Kart 7

    Customize your vehicle with accessories that give you the competitive edge, including giant tires for off-road races and small tires for city courses

    Soar through the skies when your kart deploys a wing to let it glide over a track shortcut, or plunge into the water and use your kart's propeller to cruise across the sea floor

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