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  • NINTENDO Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 3DS XL Handheld Video Game

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    Nintendo Limited Edition 3DS XL with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team: The 3DS XL is your portable gateway into Nintendo's beloved game worlds, with screens that are 90% larger than those of the original 3DS to immerse you more fully in the games you play. This limited edition model comes in a sleek, silver design featuring the ever-popular Mario and Luigi.

    Games are displayed in 3D on the unit's top screen without requiring special eyewear, so you'll feel as though you're peering into living, breathing game worlds. The bottom touch screen allows you to tap, swipe and draw your way through your in-game adventures with the included stylus. The 3DS also brings you a multi-faceted photography suite so you can take photos in 3D, edit them and add some Nintendo charm.

    StreetPass and SpotPass connect your 3DS with other players and wireless hotspots, allowing you to partake in unique multiplayer experiences and get bonus content for several of the games you enjoy.

    Mario & Luigi: Dream Team game is preinstalled on the system. Mario and Luigi team up to rescue Princess Peach once again while exploring a bizarre and massive new Dream World. Additional games sold separately.

    Product Features

    Mario-themed aesthetic

    This limited edition 3DS is designed to match the included Mario & Luigi: Dream Team game. The beautiful silver exterior is emblazoned with a stylish image of Mario and Luigi.

    Mario & Luigi: Dream Team game comes preinstalled

    Mario and Luigi embark on a fun-filled adventure that catapults Mario into an alternate world inside of Luigi's dreams. Additional games sold separately.

    Nintendo has a long history of delivering beloved game franchises

    The 3DS allows you to play on the go with Mario and friends, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing and more.

    Glasses-free 3D

    Game worlds come alive with a sense of depth that doesn't require special glasses. A slider on the side of the unit allows you to adjust the intensity of the 3D effect or turn it off completely.

    Two-screen gameplay

    The 3DS features two screens, including one 3D screen and a touch screen with a stylus interface that offers unique gameplay experiences.

    Bigger screens

    The 3DS XL features 90% more screen real estate than the original 3DS, giving you a better view into the game worlds you love.

    The Nintendo eShop is your one-stop digital storefront

    Expand your game library by purchasing new titles, innovative indie games and retro Nintendo classics without a trip to the store.*

    Watch TV, movies and more

    Nintendo Video allows you to download videos and watch them in 3D.* Netflix** and Hulu Plus** also available.

    Multiple cameras offer an entertaining photography experience

    Inward-facing camera allows you to take self-portraits, and the outward-facing dual cameras allow you to snap pictures in 3D. Includes a robust photo editing suite.

    StreetPass links you with other players

    Exchange data with other 3DS users to play fun minigames, collect digital items or unlock additional features in the games you play. StreetPass can be disabled if you prefer.

    SpotPass automatically connects you to wireless hotspots

    Get updates and bonus content for several of your games, even while your 3DS is in sleep mode.

    Backward compatible with the entire DS family of handhelds

    The 3DS will play almost all of your old DS games, though they won't display in 3D.

    4GB SD card included

    Store a small amount of games and apps on the included memory card.

    *Wireless Internet access required.

    **Subscription required. Apps may need to be downloaded and installed before use.

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