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  • Sony - PlayStation 3 (250GB) "The Last Of Us" Video Game Bundle

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    Synopsis The PlayStation 3 has ushered in the next era of innovative gaming, with unique features that truly elevate your gaming experience. Equipped with a wireless controller, a 250GB hard drive, a built-in Blu-ray player, access to the PlayStation Network and The Last of Us, this PlayStation 3 The Last of Us Bundle is here to show you what immersive entertainment means with sense-stimulating, heart-pounding and adrenaline-pumping gaming quality. Experience movies and games in stunning high-definition with the PlayStation 3's Blu-ray player for mind-blowing visuals that will keep you in the zone. Keep your games, music, videos, photos and more right on your console with the 250GB hard drive that provides enough storage for you to comfortably continue adding to your entertainment collection. With this bundle, the entertainment possibilities are awaiting your exploration.

    In a world where all that seems to remain are brutally governed Quarantine Zones, Joel chooses to straddle the few remaining moral lines in The Last of Us. When strict martial law is the name of the game and walled-off, oppressive cities are the locations, you must ask yourself if you would choose to walk the straight and narrow or if you would stick out your neck to change your destiny. For now, Joel spends his time smuggling contraband for the right price in the black market of the city, but this ruthless survivor may soon find himself on a different mission — one that forces you to evaluate what kind of survivor you truly are.

    Product Features


    Includes PlayStation 3 console, 250GB hard drive, DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller, The Last of Us game, PlayStation Network account, AC power cord, A/V cable and USB cable.

    250GB hard drive

    Offers storage space for up to 1,800 games, 150 movies, 55,000 songs or 40,000 photos.

    Built-in Blu-ray player

    Allows you to play the best high-definition games and watch high-definition movies.

    PlayStation Network account

    Gives you access to multiplayer online gaming, streaming movies and music, access to the PlayStation Store and more.

    DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller

    For comfortable gaming sessions without being tethered by wires.

    The Last of Us

    Introduces the story of Joel, a ruthless survivor in a time of martial law, living in one of the few remaining Quarantine Zones — walled-off, oppressive cities run by the military that's left.

    Immersive storyline

    Allows you to decide which tenuous moral codes you will uphold as Joel, who smuggles contraband into the black market of the city.


    • Hard Drive Capacity: 250GB
    • Drive Type: Blu-Ray
    • Wi-Fi Built In: Yes
    • HDMI Output: Yes
    • Online Play: PSN

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