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  • MANUFACTURER REFURBISHED - Xbox One - 500GB Video Game Bundle With - KINECT

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    Prepare to enter a new dimension of entertainment with this Xbox One 500GB Kinect Bundle, which includes a Kinect sensor, 500GB hard drive, wireless controller, HDMI cable and power supply. Amazing entertainment possibilities await you as the Xbox One brings your favorite media and adrenaline-pumping games to life on the big screen. Get ready to jump into the action of your favorite games with the Kinect sensor, which detects motion to immerse you in thrilling virtual worlds. When you're not in the middle of an intense gaming session, it's easy to search for streaming entertainment, snap between apps, record your most devastating moves and greatest victories and broadcast live gameplay via picture-in-picture by speaking commands. Store games, movies, music and more with a generous 500GB hard drive capacity. Watch blockbuster films in brilliant clarity with a Blu-ray drive that delivers crisp, detailed images and supports DVD media for flexible viewing options. Stream media and more thanks to Internet connectivity that puts endless entertainment at your fingertips, and wirelessly pair compatible devices with Bluetooth technology. A wireless controller allows you to find a comfortable gaming spot, and a chat headset keeps you in constant communication with fellow players. With this Xbox One Bundle, you're ready to enter a world of nonstop entertainment.

    Your Xbox One is the ultimate entertainment console — it transports you to the amazing virtual worlds of your favorite games, provides a gateway to loads of streaming media and makes it easy to stay connected with the people who matter most. But what if you could interact with your console simply by speaking or through motion? Imagine your body becoming the controller as you plunge right into the action of a heated battle or the last seconds of a playoff game. Plus, when a long gaming session is complete, you could view a movie, video chat with a friend or enjoy your favorite apps with only a simple gesture or the sound of your voice. Thanks to the Kinect sensor, you can experience easy, intuitive interaction with your Xbox One and take control of your entertainment. Step into the action of games by using your body as a controller. Search for streaming media, snap between a variety of apps, record gaming highlights and even broadcast gameplay as it happens by speaking simple commands. Video chat with family members and friends in breathtaking high-definition via Skype. There's no need to wait for the entertainment to begin — thanks to recognition and automatic sign in, you can begin playing, watching and connecting right away.

    Product Features

    Smart Enabled

    Get access to a world of instant entertainment with this product. Just connect to the Internet and stream movies, listen to music, and access a wide variety of other content.

    Kinect Bundle

    Includes Xbox One console, Kinect sensor, 500GB hard drive, wireless controller, HDMI cable and power supply.

    Xbox One console

    Enjoy a wide array of thrilling games, plus smart capabilities to keep you entertained.

    500GB of storage

    Offers room for game data, music, photos and other files.

    Blu-ray delivers exceptional video quality for your games and movies

    Watch Blu-ray and DVD video content. Blu-ray game discs have several times the capacity of DVD-based discs, allowing massive games to fit on a single disc.

    Smart capable

    So you can access streaming content and more.

    Bluetooth technology

    Enables simple wireless pairing with compatible devices.

    Kinect sensor

    Detects your movements to plunge you into the fast-paced fun of your favorite compatible games and lets you search for streaming media, snap between apps, record your best moves and greatest victories and broadcast live gameplay

    Wireless controller

    Lets you play in a comfortable spot.

    What's Included

    • Xbox One 500GB Console
    • Kinect sensor
    • Wireless controller
    • HDMI cable, power supply

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